Invited Speakers.

​Speaker #1.

​Prof. Franco Maloberti

President of IEEE CASS

University of Pavia, Italy

Title: Power Efficient Data Converters



Data Converters are key blocks for electronic systems. Since they mark the boundary between analog and digital sections, their features affect the performance of the entire system. The recent development of portable systems (often, autonomous) requires for low consumed power. Indeed, they need data converters with optimal power efficiency, quantified by the figure of merit (FoM). SAR is the data converter architecture that better uses power. SAR converters have been traditionally used for low speed but recently, thanks to technology advancements, the SAR method also allows to reach conversion speeds of hundred of MS/s while keeping the FoM at competitive levels. In addition, special design techniques allow significantly reducing the power consumed by other conversion algorithm like the sigma-delta. This presentation focuses on the conversion methods, their benefits and limitations. Architecture and experimental results of three research projects are discussed. They are an 8-b 400MS/s SAR ADC with FOM=42 fJ/conv-step, a 10-bit, 200-kS/s SAR consuming 250-nA (operating with 0.8 V supply) and an active-passive sigma delta with 88 dB SNR and FOM=70 fJ/conv-step.

​Speaker #2.

Prof. Myung Hoon Sunwoo

Chair of IEEE CASS Seoul Chapter,  Ajou Unversity, Korea

Title: ICT-based Convergence Technologies Changing Paradigm of Health Care and Disease Diagnosis



Recently, convergence technologies including smart devices, deep learning, medical imaging, ontology, and big data change the paradigm of health care and
disease diagnosis. These trends are becoming popular and will proliferate in the near future. This talk introduces Information & Communication Technology
Research Center (ICT-RC), called Ultra-small-sized Diagnostic Smart Devices (uDSD) Center. This center develops intelligent devices that enable lesion
detections, active data acquisition, and smart diagnosis. In practice, the uDSD center focuses on ultra-small/low-power smart SoC designs for medical imaging, deep learning, ultrasonic detection, and low power consumption for intelligent diagnosis. Moreover, uDSD deals with the real-time diagnostic model using
ontology and big data. In addition, it conducts joint research with companies to develop smart capsule endoscopes and mobile molecular device platforms. The
center will contribute manpower cultivation for convergence technologies.

Speaker #3.

​Prof. Yoshifumi Nishio

Member of the IEEE CAS Society Board of Governors,

Tokushima University, Japan

Title: Chaos Applications and Complex Phenomena in Chaotic Circuit Networks



Chaos, irregular oscillation generated in deterministic systems, has a variety of potential applications; chaos cryptosystems, chaos communication systems, chaos neural networks, chaos radar, etc., because of its special characteristics such as "irregular but not random", "sensitive dependence on initial value or parameter", and "unpredictable but deterministic". However, if we look for unknown future applications, it is important to discover novel complicated phenomena and to develop a method to analyze them. In this talk, I start with the basic of chaos and some engineering applications exploiting chaos. Then, I explain the synchronization of coupled oscillators and complex phenomena in coupled chaotic circuits. I also introduce the Markov chain modeling and analysis of irregular switching of phase states generated in the coupled circuits. Some ongoing projects will be presented.

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